Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The super exciting things!

Advanced apologies for the lack of laughs in this one friends.

I am currently swallowing razor blades and leaking fluids from places they really shouldn't be (in the head region people, keep it clean, please!)... and it's not just part of some wannabe Houdini-esque show of strength and awesomeness, but instead, yes, the dreaded head cold.

It's raining, which is fabulous(!!), but also stressing me out mega-time as I'm supposed to catch a flight tomorrow and I'm envisioning ST having to dink both my suitcase and I (I'm thinking I'll strap it onto my head with some occy straps, but I'm open to suggestions) on the motorbike, through 40 kilometres of mud to reach the highway, where I'll probably have to flag some hopefully-not-an-axe-murderer down to hitch a ride to the airport 330km away... The unfortunate part of this is that I'm really not joking. It's possibly either this, or missing the flight. Ohhhh, the serenity.

But I digress! My reason for this unfunny post today is simply to update what's been happening in the worlds of both Bessie and Burragan recently. Those of you who follow the Facebook page would already be all over it, but I know I have some keen readers who haven't entered the dark, inescapable forest that is Facebook, so this one is for you!

These last few weeks I've been counting down some "Super Exciting Things"... there were three of them, to be precise.

SUPER EXCITING THING #1: Bessie at Burragan was blogged on one of Australia's biggest blogging websites, Mamamia!

They have more than 53,000 Facebook followers and were just awarded the Mumbrella award for Media Brand of the Year 2013. They're kind of a big deal.
The girls over at Mamamia have been sooooo lovely to me. I kind of wanna email myself to them for the day and feel the camaraderie of old when I used to work in a busy, fabulous, female environment... as in, one where I can actually reach out and tangibly touch people (aaghhh, holy inappropriateness, again!)rather than just read their words via the interwebs. Anyway, they were keen to re-blog my Trip To Town story on their site. And so they did!

Check it out here: Real Life Farmer Wants a Wife

It's now been shared on Facebook 930 times!! Holy craziness!

SUPER EXCITING THING #2: Bessie at Burragan was blogged in PRINT! I looooove print. It reminds me of my days as an intern at a large regional newspaper... and the wonder of first time I was published in a magazine. While the instantaneousness of blogging online is so, so, cool... what a treasure to have something in print! The gorgeous team over at The Horse Downunder Magazine wanted to share my blog, 21 Things I didn't know about living out bush, until I live out bush... And so they did! Pick up their current Winter edition from "all good newsagents" (ha! I've always wanted to use that line!)...

SUPER EXCITING THING #4 Mamamia asked for more! They had such good feedback from my first story that they asked to know the real story behind how ST and I ended up at Burragan. So Mamamia have a brand new, exclusive blog from me up on their site right now!

You won't see this one on my blog, so please click this link to read all about it, and find the space down the bottom where you leave adoring comments: Could you do THIS for love?

OK so that's all the exciting things! Oh except that I accidentally put a number 4 there at the end, instead of number 3... Oh, that's right! I haven't told you about number 3 yet!

Well... maybe I'll let you in on the little secret... if I can just catch that flight tomorrow...


  1. very cryptic Bessie, don't leave us hanging for number three for long (or was it 4?) Lucky you that its raining!! send it north when you're sick of it!

  2. You are becoming quite the outback superstar blogger Bessie, so cool! Good luck with your flight :)

  3. Well done Bessie. You're such a great blogger and deserve the success. Keep it coming.

  4. Doesn't surprise me. Your blog posts have been really funny!! Way to go.

  5. Congrats Bessie! This is all amazing news:) I came over here from Mumamia after your first blog there and I have now happily devoured all your blog posts since:) Love your work!

  6. Love the exciting news but not the head cold .. I hope that settles down and you make that flight without the need for wild rides and hitch hiking. Keep up the great work. Anne