Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Meantime, in my world...

Dear Reader,

Long time, no see. How’ve you been doing since we last chatted?

I’m sorry I just kind of disappeared there for a while. Life got loud. The blog got silent.

And then this morning, after many, many months of feeling like not much at all (aside from a chocolate and a lie down)… I felt I like blogging.

Pretty much all my commitments were abandoned there at one stage...and some still are... including my garden. So I thought I’d ease you, and myself, back into the world by dusting off my loved but long forgotten DSLR and heading outside for a bit of a yard tour.

Here’s what’s happening at my place today:

The sun is shining and the succulents are flowering...

These gorgeously lime Lomandra are waiting to be planted...

Some moss made itself at home in the dirt behind the old laundry shed...

The veggie garden is chugging along, despite being totally neglected. Don't you just love it when food pops up from last year's seed and you don't even have to do anything? I adore this form of lazy gardening!

There's a total over abundance of lemons on my tree... (and I had so many limes that were never picked, they're turning yellow too! Do you think they'd still be good to juice and freeze?)

My passionfruit vines are flowering again. They did this last year and never fruited. Does anyone know the secret? They are both grafted varieties.

Most things are looking a dreary kind of brownish green... but there are still a few pops of vibrant red, if you look for them!

And of course, my best friend and little buddy is still as cheeky as ever! Almost had to edit him out of most pics...

xx Bessie at Burragan

What's been happening in your world?