Sunday, March 24, 2013

Urban Dictionary of a Farmer – Contributor Edition

Thanks so much to everyone who wrote into the blog, and on Facebook, with their additions for the Urban Dictionary of a Farmer. I’ll continue to add to it over the course of the year, as other terms and definitions pop into conversation. Please feel free to keep sending in your suggestions, but for now, here are some favourites!

Up the road – Any place between five and 5000 kilometres away. (From The Farmer Has a Wife)

I’m right on it – Don’t hold your breath. (From The Farmer Has a Wife)

Old Mate – that man. (From The Farmer Has a Wife)

Example of use:
ST: I was talking to old mate from up the road the other day and…
Bessie: Which old mate? The young bloke, or old mate with the moustache?
ST: Nah, you know old mate who just married that woman from Town.
Bessie: Oh THAT old mate! Yeah, what about him?

Chook food – any meal without meat in it. (From The Farmer Has a Wife)

Cow - a cow is a cow unless it's a weaner, heifer, steer, bullock etc. (From Elise on Facebook)

Example of use:
Me: I saw some cows in Kelly's this morning, are they meant to be there?
Bossman: Cows? No there shouldn't be any cows in there, there's some weaners in there. A fence must be down but there's not even any cows in the adjoining paddocks? They must have come from airstrip and gotten in through the lane, maybe that fence is down too or someone left the gate open? How long since you've checked those fences?
Me: Sorry, I meant weaners. I saw some weaners in Kelly's this morning....

The other day – any time in the last five years or so. (From Elise on Facebook)

Do you read? – UHF speak for “Are you on channel?” Always makes me think... Yes, I read quite a lot. I prefer murder mysteries. Not the correct answer! (From Elise on Facebook)

Roger – can mean ‘Yes will do’, ‘Oh really?’, ‘Yeah right, understood’ (or pretty much anything in the affirmative) depending on the way that it is said. (From Elise on Facebook)

Sucker - a lamb that was recently sucking on Mum but isn't anymore. (From Elise on Facebook)

And these from Robyn on Facebook…

Waterhole - pub
Joe Blake – snake
Plank – plane (particularly if you're a helicopter pilot)
Bush chook - emu
Hit the frog an’ toad - meaning hit the road-get going!


  1. I was just thinking of my favourite bloggers this morning and looking forward to hearing from Bessie again. Keep up the good work - every one of your posts is enjoyable.

  2. Hey Mandy! Long time no chat - hope you've been keeping well at Rocky Springs, I best pop over and see what you've been up to! :)