Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's make some new cliches

It seems these days every farm blog needs at a good couple of posts on the following two topics: baking and bonfires. While I was trying to steer away from such clich├ęs, I actually indulged in both this week, so thought I’d get this out of the way quickly and smoothly.

On Sunday night ST and I had a bonfire; it was magnificent.

We cooked lamb chops, spud in the jacket, pumpkin and corn on the coals; it was magnificent.

We watched the flames, and drank whisky, and talked about the world, which was magnificent.

Also this week it’s ST’s dad’s birthday. Last year I baked him a mob of sheep inspired biscuits.

So this year I went up a notch with these sheep inspired cupcakes. They are lime and ricotta flavour: magnificent!

Now, that wasn’t so painful was it?


    Karly Lane.

  2. Baaaaaaaaahdy beautiful work you clever girl.
    A chop off the old block!

  3. Magnificent post, Bessie.